Warhammer 40k: Darktide- “Gone Bowling” Achievement Guide

Warhammer 40k: DarktideWarhammer 40k: Darktide is an online Co-Op, PvE, action-adventure game. Intensified melee-ranged combat where you have to deal against the hordes that will never stop unless their target or they themselves are annihilated. To learn how to complete the Gone Bowling achievement which is one of the most difficult ones you have currently in the game, therefore we have compiled this small guide for you.

“Gone Bowling” Achievement Completion Guide For Warhammer 40k: Darktide

Description: As the Skullbreaker, knock down 100 enemies with a single Bull Rush on Malice difficulty or higher.

The Gone Bowling Achievements/Penance description might seem simple at the beginning as we all know how the hordes push you and your team when they are released in a vicinity. However, to kill or knock down 100 enemies with a single Bull Rush by Skullbreakers is a feat of awe and dream. There are certain conditions that need to be satisfied in order to complete this achievement and obtain the Upper Body Armour i.e. Brutes Biggest & Bestest Armour (XXXXL)

First of all, it requires a small passageway where you can concentrate all enemies and in this case, we are talking at least 100 enemies. Make sure you have a Slab Shield and Unstoppable ability equipped as it increases the distance you travel with Bull Rush by 100%, and you cannot be blocked by enemies except Monstrosities. Increase the HP to increase your survivability as there would be relentless attacks.

Next, you require a place to perform such an unbelievable feat. It is recommended to queue up solo which is difficult compared to the number of players playing this game. However, you can also queue up with your friends so, that you don’t disrupt their play and experience to accomplish your goal. Select the Level Magistrati Oubliette TM8-707.

In this level, the perfect place to perform Bull Rush and knockdown 100+ enemies would be in the sewer. While calling the aggro on yourself, you can redirect them in the small confined space i.e. Sewer and Bull Rush all the enemies gathered or stacked. If you are lucky, the enemies that have ranged CC attacks will not be spawned among the hordes otherwise they will make it hell.

Wait behind your shield and let them flock around together who do not know what’s coming next. Here, we are selfish and we don’t care about your teammate’s life as it doesn’t matter. Therefore try to queue it solo. It is not an easy achievement, so you will be stuck for a while or if you are a god-gamer then it can be completed in a single try. Once you get a hang of it, then eventually the XXXXL size armor is yours to flaunt.

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