Pokemon Scarlet & Violet How To Get Gold Bottle Caps & Normal

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is the latest game from the Pokemon franchise. If you have been playing pokemon games for a long time, you will know about the individual value of Pokemon. If you are playing the game for the first time, the individual value is the hidden stats of the pokemon which includes HP, attack speed, defense, special attack, and special defense.

In this game, you will be able to check your pokemon stats once you complete all the main chapters. After that, you need to visit any Pokemon center and there you could check the individual value that will be shown to you as a graph ranging from Best to No good.

Bottle caps in this game are used to hyper-train your Pokemon and increase any one stat of your pokemon and gold bottle caps are used to increase all the stats. So you need to check if the pokemon whose stats you are trying to increase have any maxed-out value. If it has any maxed-out value, using a gold bottle cap will be a waste on it. Below you will find how to increase the individual value and get gold bottle caps and the normal ones.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet How To Increase Individual Value

You can find an NPC near the Pokemon center of Montenevera, once you find the NPC, a yellow text called “Hyper Training” will be shown above his head. You can use your bottle caps to hyper-train your Pokemon and increase their Individual value to make them stronger. You can also breed these better IV-value pokemon to obtain stronger pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet How To Get Gold Bottle Caps

Gold bottle caps are very rare and you can only obtain them from the Auction house in Porto Marinada. These auction house items reset every day in-game time. So you need to keep an eye every 30 minutes or 1 hour on the auction shop to find a gold bottle cap. While the item is super rare, it is also quite expensive. You could shell out 400k coins for only 2 gold bottle caps.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet How To Get Normal Bottle Caps

The best way to obtain normal bottle caps is by visiting any Delibird present shop. You can also obtain normal bottle caps through various tera raids. Sometimes normal bottle caps also come for auction in the auction house of Porto Marinada.

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