Pokemon Violet & Scarlet How To Get Second Koraidon & Miraidon

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

As Pokemon Violet & Scarlet is an open-world game, you will obtain a legendary pokemon that will help you explore the map. You will be able to ride the legendary pokemon and also able to fly with it at a later part of the game. As this legendary pokemon is used for riding, you won’t be able to trade it with other players. These legendary pokemon are Miraidon if you have the Scarlet version of the game or Koraidon if you have the violet version of the game.

To trade this pokemon with other players and obtain both the legendary, you will have to catch the second one of these pokemon. Luckily you will be able to catch one more of these legendary post-main stories. Once you complete the story, you will be able to access the “Great Crater Of Paldea” and access the area where to final battle took place. Below you will find where you need to go inside the crater to find the second legendary.

Pokemon Violet & Scarlet How To Get Second Koraidon & Miraidon

To find the second legendary pokemon, you need to visit the Great Crater Of Paldea and teleport to research station no 4. There you need to jump down to find a ledge cliff at the bottom of the crater and on the cliff, there will be the second legendary pokemon. If you have reached the final battle area, there you can find an elevated path on the ground that you need to follow to reach the second legendary pokemon.

Once you have completed the game’s main stories, you will obtain a master ball from Director Clavell. You can use this master ball to catch the second legendary without any issue. If you are trying to save the master ball, make sure to reduce the legendary health up to 10-20% and not defeat it. Then you can use the dusk ball to increase your chances of catching the legendary pokemon without using the master ball.

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