Pokemon Violet Iron Hands Paradox Pokemon How To Get

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Pokemon Violet & Scarlet have around 400 pokemon that can be found all around the map. But to get access to them, you need to keep playing, collect the badges, fight all team stars members, and complete the game. In this game, players are also introduced to paradox pokemon. There are two types of paradox pokemon one is the ancient relative of contemporary pokemon while the other is the futuristic version. One such pokemon you will encounter only if you have the Violet version is called Iron Hands. Below you will find where to find this futuristic paradox pokemon.

Pokemon Violet Where To Find Paradox Pokemon Iron Hands

Iron Hands is one of the paradox pokemon that you can obtain exclusively in the Violet version of the game. If you have the Scarlet version, I recommend you find someone with the Violet version and trade the pokemon with them. To obtain Iron hands in the game you need to first complete the game and visit “The Great Crater Of Paldea”.

Once you are inside the crater you need to visit Research Station No 1. After teleporting to research station no 1, you need to get out through the door and keep going straight towards a big tree. Behind the big tree, you will be able to find Iron Hands.

This pokemon resembles and might be a futuristic relative of the pokemon Hariyama. Iron hands is a fighting and electric type of pokemon with the Quark drive ability. This ability allows the pokemon to increase its stats by 30% except for HP or 50% if its speed stats are highest and if the electric terrain is active. Iron hands are one of the paradox pokemon so it doesn’t seem to evolve and its gender remains unknown.

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