Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Find Hatenna & How To Evolve It

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is the latest game from one of the oldest franchises of pokemon that players from all over the world enjoy playing. In this game, you will be able to explore the open world and meet various different types of pokemon and catch them. By doing so you will also get their data on the Pokedex and you need to catch all 400 pokemon to complete the Pokedex. While Scarlet & Violet both are in the same game, you will find a few exclusive pokemon in each version.

You can trade these pokemon with someone with another version of the game to complete the Pokedex. One such pokemon you will come across is Hatenna, a fairy-type psychic pokemon. Below you will find where to Hatenna, its moves, and how to evolve her.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Where To Find Hatenna

Hatenna is the type of pokemon that can sense other pokemon emotions. Because of this reason, they tend to stay alone and away from others. This pokemon was first introduced in the previous version of Sword & Shield. To find Hatenna you need to visit any pond areas. Open the map to find a cluster of ponds and you will find one near it. These pokemon are small and tend to avoid contact so you need to be alert to find one that has small feet, a pink body, a blue wig, and a pink hat.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet How To Evolve Hatenna Into Hattrem & Hatterene

Hatenna evolves into Hattrem at level 20 and Hattrem evolves into Hatterene at level 42. So once your Hatenna is level 18 or level 19, you could give her some exp candy to increase the level and it will evolve into Hattrem.

Once Hatterem is at level 40, you could give her some exp candy to increase the level to 42 or beyond and it will evolve into Hatterene.

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