Pokemon Scarlet And Violet- How & Whom To Give Choice Specs

Pokemon Scarlet And VioletIn Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, there are certain items that can benefit a Pokemon who has held it according to the type of its purpose. There is an item called Choice Specs that allows the user to increase its Special Attack up to 50%. However, the downside of this special endgame item is that the Pokemon that has held this item can only use one special move. So, if you are intrigued about how to obtain such a ridiculous item and whom to give it then we have covered everything in this post.

How And Whom To Give Choice Specs At Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

First of all, to obtain Choice Specs you will need to complete the main story. Once the Main Storyline is completed, the Choice Specs will be registered in the Delibird Present Store at Mesagoza. The cost of Choice Specs is 100,000 coins which is absurdly high but we can’t complain as it is a unique item. If you are running low on cash, then it is recommended to complete Tera Raids.

Another way to obtain Choice Specs is that you trade a Pokemon that has the item “Choice Specs” in his possession. The fact that this item is a one-time use only, makes it one of the risky items as you can’t even swap or change it. It is recommended to give this item either to Miraidon, Gholdengo, Flutter Mane, Iron Moth, and Chi-Yu.

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