Pokemon Scarlet And Violet- How And Whom To Give Choice Band

Pokemon Scarlet And VioletIn Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, we would always want our main Pokemon to be strong enough to dominate others and win battles easily. If equipped by any Pokemon, such items will benefit them in any given circumstance. Most of us have engaged in PvP battles showcasing our collection and battle prowess, however, imagine if there is an item i.e. Choice Band that can increase 50% Attack stat of any Pokemon. Nobody will ever skip out on this incredible item and if you are interested then we have explained everything you need to know.

How And Whom To Give Choice Band At Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

There are two ways to obtain Choice Band if you are wondering. The most reliable way to obtain Choice Band is to complete the main story and purchase it from the Delibird Presents store in Mesagoza at a cost of 100,000 coins. The item cannot be purchased unless you have completed the main story. Even you can trade a Pokemon that has already equipped the Choice Band. All this benefit comes with a disadvantage i.e. the Pokemon that holds this item can only use only 1 attack move.

As it can increase any Pokemon attack stat, now you can own a heavy hitter. Pokemon such as Garchomp, Azumarill, Tyranitar, and Scizor are already the best choice that can equip it. As you have already completed the game, you must own enough coins, however, if you are still looking for it then play Tera Raids. After completing Tera Raids, most of the items can be sold for a fortune.

Choice Band is a single-use item that will be bound to your choice of Pokemon and cannot be used on any other. It makes it one of the costliest and most strategic items that you can possess which has a high risk and high reward potential.

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