Pokemon Scarlet And Violet- Normal Gym Test Secret Menu

Pokemon Scarlet And VioletIn Pokemon Scarlet And Violet where we will eventually stumble across the Medali Gym when you go down the North-East side after following the main route through Cascarrafa. Once you enter the Medali Gym and register yourself as a challenger to pass the Gym Test in order to challenge the Gym Leader Larry. In this guide, we have provided all the answers you need to complete and ace the Gym Test that includes ordering a special secret menu item!

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet- Normal Gym Test Answer For Secret Menu

Specifically, it has been mentioned that you will need to order a special secret menu item at the Treasure Eatery. The clue can be obtained after defeating other challengers who can be found in town. All clues you can find are:

  1. The odd one out at one of the ice cream stands“- Grilled Rice Balls
  2. The blue bird Pokemon“- Meedyum! Meedyum!
  3. A dark spot surrounded by stairs“- Fire Blast

Your clue is supposed to be “how the regulars season their dishes” which is just a small part of a complete clue. As you now know have all the clues, you can enter the Treasure Eatery and begin the Gym Test i.e. order these as mentioned above which is:

  1. Grilled Rice Balls
  2. Medium Serving
  3. Extra crispy, Fire Blast style
  4. Lemon

Once you have ordered everything in sequence, you will pass the test and the dining space will become a huge battle arena where you can face the Gym Leader Larry, and defeat him to get the 5th Gym Badge.

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