Pokemon Scarlet And Violet- How To Get False Swipe

Pokemon Scarlet And VioletIn Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, there are numerous Pokemon in the wild that you can encounter and register in your Pokedex. Similarly, there is an item that allows tougher and rarest Pokemons to be caught easily. There is an item called False Swipe that reduces their HP to the minimum which is 1 HP. This is the most useful item that you can obtain and if you are intrigued about how to get False Swipe then we have covered everything for you.

How To Get False Swipe At Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

False Swipe can be obtained when you have caught more than a certain number of Pokemon and registered in Pokedex i.e. 30. Once you have done that, visit the University and Biology Lab to talk to the Biology teacher Jacq. He will gift you TM057s “False Swipe“.

Another way to obtain a 3x False Swipe would be to craft it with the help of a TM Machine. To craft it, you will need specific resources as mentioned below:

  • League Points– 400 LP
  • Kricketot Shell– 3
  • Chewtle Claw– 3

As mentioned already, it is the best item to reduce wild Pokemon’s health instantly in order to catch new Pokemons without engaging in stretched-out battles. For more informative guides on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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