God Of War Ragnarok- How To Go/Unlock Sanctuary Grove

God Of War RagnarokIn God Of War Ragnarok, there are multiple places in each realm that can be explored, however, due to the lack of necessary weapons or abilities you are unable to search on the get-go. Even though you have the abilities and weapon there are special areas that cannot be unlocked or explored unless you satisfy certain conditions. If you are looking to explore Sanctuary Grove which is Freya’s house in Midgard then we have covered everything in this guide.

How To Go/Unlock Sanctuary Grove At God Of War Ragnarok

To explore and unlock the Sanctuary Grove aka Freya’s house in Midgard, you will need to complete the Main Story first. Next, if you have the “Pouch Of Yggdrasil Seedswhich is a Key Item. The description itself is self-explanatory. The Pouch of Yggdrasil Seed allows you to unlock Mystic Gateways across the nine realms. The Pouch of Yggdrasil Seeds can be obtained after collecting all 6 Lindwryms and visiting Ratatosrk at Sindri’s house.

God Of War RagnarokTo summon Ratatosrk, you will need to visit Sindri’s house to aim and hit the windchime with your Leviathan Axe that is suspended from the Tree. Next, visit the Mystic Gateway and unlock the Undiscovered Gateway at Midgard in Sanctuary Grove which will allow you to visit and explore. Similarly, there are other areas that can be unlocked by this process all over other realms that have been unexplored and undiscovered.

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