God Of War Ragnarok- Nornir Chest Cliffside Ruins Puzzle Solution

God Of War RagnarokIn God Of War Ragnarok as we know there are Nornir Chests that are all placed in each realm that allow you to increase your maximum capacity of Vitality or Rage. However, to unlock the Nornir Chest, you will have to solve the puzzle that includes 3 ruins that are shown on the Nornir Chest to be activated. Whether to light it up, ring the bell, or even turn the lever to match up the ruins. In this case, you will need to match the ruins that your Nornir Chest in Cliffside Ruins wants.

Nornir Chest Cliffside Ruins Puzzle Solution At God Of War Ragnarok

The Nornir Chest puzzle solutions are usually placed in the same vicinity or area. It requires a thorough search and sometimes it is hidden in plain sight which we tend to ignore. Therefore all 3 Nornir Chest ruin locations are presented below with the help of the image.

God Of War RagnarokThe first ruin can be easily accessed through a small island where the Mystic Gate and Brok/Lunda’s shop are placed. Refer to the image and you turn the lever in order to match one of the ruins as shown in your Nornir Chest.

God Of War RagnarokThe second ruin can be easily spotted if you climb up through the chain. To turn the lever, you will need to climb up the platform from where you can aim your Leviathan Axe at it.

God Of War RagnarokThe third and final ruin was quite tricky. It took us quite some time to locate it as it was hidden behind the rock. As shown in the image you can burn off the mushroom vines by chaining the sigil arrows and ignite it with the help of your Blade.

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