Soulstone Survivors How To Complete A Match In 8 Min

soulstone survivors

Soulstone survivors is a top-down survival game with endless minions coming at your character. You need to keep defeating these enemies and collect the crystals they drop to increase your level quickly. There are various different characters, skills, and achievements that you can unlock by playing the game. One such achievement is to complete a match within 8 minutes. Below you will find a way how to unlock this achievement.

Soulstone Survivors Complete Match In 8 Minutes Achievement

To complete this achievement first of all you will have to unlock the necromancer character. To unlock this character you will have to complete the 5th chapter 3rd curse stage with all curses enabled. While the first and second curse stage will be easy to complete, the third curse stage can be completed by taking a character that can attack from far away. Once you complete the third curse stage of Dungeon of Despair, you will be able to select and play with a necromancer.

After unlocking the character you will have to unlock its unique active ability that allows you to spawn mages and archers. To unlock the unique ability you will have to reach prestige level 20. To reach prestige level 20, you need to complete any stage 4-5 times. After that make sure you have the re-roll option to obtain the unique ability that will help you complete a stage in under 8 minutes.

The active abilities you need to take are summoning skills which are warriors, mages, archers, and golems. Now for the other 2 active abilities, you can take vortex and void so that all the enemies gather together in one place, and your summoners can kill them easily. For the passive ability, you shouldn’t take any health, movement, or any other passive ability that doesn’t increase your damage. Fill up your passive ability only with a damage modifier, as the enemy won’t be able to reach near your position due to your summoners.

Note: Now all you have to do is go to any corner of the map where all the enemies spawn and your summoner will kill them as soon as they spawn.

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