God Of War Ragnarok- How To Get Nornir Chest At Alberich Island

God Of War RagnarokIn God Of War Ragnarok, you may either be at the beginning or reached the mid-game; one thing will remain the same i.e. we are constantly checking the progress of the Realm and respected areas. Whether on how many Lores and Artefacts have been collected or the number of Odin’s Ravens and Nornir Chest exposed. We all want to benefit from and unlock all the contents of the game. Therefore we have explained how you can unlock a Nornir Chest found in the Alberich Island at Svartalfheim Realm.

How To Unlock Nornir Chest At Alberich Island In God Of War Ragnarok

It is a classic Nornir Chest that requires your Leviathan Axe to hit all 3 bells. However, the difficulty of the puzzle is much higher than only finding and hitting them in a quick time window. There are 3 images below that shows where it can be found and what orders you need to focus on in order to unlock the Nornir Chest in no time.

God Of War RagnarokGod Of War Ragnarok Nornir Chest At Alberich Island

The first bell is hidden behind the grill which you can’t access unless you turn the lever by hitting on the left side of the board. The left side of the board is marked in white where you have to hit it with your Leviathan Axe in quick succession. Once the bell is visible, quickly hit and focus on the other two bells to unlock the Nornir Chest quickly which will feed you an Idunn Apple.

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