God Of War Ragnarok- Which Is The Best Armor That You Need

God Of War RagnarokIn God Of War Ragnarok, we learned that Kratos is training Atreus and preparing him for the war that might begin anytime. However, we know that there are certain armors that will give you proper advantageous perks in combat. In this guide, we have an eye on an armor set that might be called a little bit more decent than other pieces of armor plates.

Which Is The Best Armor At Early To Mid Game At God Of War Ragnarok

First of all, if you have an armor that only has stats vs an armor that has stats + perks, then it is obvious what to choose. An armor with stats + perks is much more useful as there are so many different perks that might either increase your Runic effects or even increase Rage or slow down time when dodged perfectly etc.

However, the one that shines even among these would be Nidavellir’s Finest Plackart (Chest Armour) which has better stats and a perk that allows Kratos to heal for a few seconds whenever you Stun Grab the enemies. Pairing it with stunning abilities such as Sonic Arrows. You will be standing for a longer duration.

The Nidavellir’s Finest Armour requires 2x Nidavellir Ore to craft. After obtaining the Sonic Arrow, when you accept the Favours “In Service of Asgard“. Shutting down the mining rigs will drop the Nidavellir Ore that you require in order to craft it.

The Wrist Armour and Waist Armour are a good pair that has a Stunning Persistence perk that reduces how quickly enemy Stun Bars are drained. As we are stunning and grabbing the enemies, however, these Wrist and Waist Armour can be replaced later on. For Waist Armour, you can try Girdle of Raven Tears which will be obtained after opening the first Odin’s Chest.

The main highlight is the chest armor which will particularly carry you easily till midgame. Make sure you are crafting and upgrading your main armor and as the new armor drops or is crafted will then be on the same level as the currently equipped one. The reason is as you advance and proceed through the main story, the materials or the resources for crafting those drops will be of higher qualities i.e. required to upgrade.

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