God Of War Ragnarok- Nornir Chest Solution For Southern Wilds

God Of War Ragnarok

If we are visiting a new Realm in God Of War Ragnarok, we keep our eyes fixated on each route and surroundings to find Chests, Lore, Artefacts, Odin’s Ravens and the list goes on. Similarly, Nornir Chest is an important chest and holds high-value items. When you are visiting Vanaheim with Freya in order to break her curse that is binding her to the Midgard, there would be a Nornir Chest at The Southern Wilds. If you are stuck and not able to find the solution then we have explained what you need to do and where to find the Rune symbols.

Nornir Chest Solution For The Southern Wilds At God Of War Ragnarok

Once you find the Nornir Chest at The Southern Wilds, look around. We have provided images where you can find the 3 Runes that you need to match in order to unlock the Nornir Chest and obtain Horn Of Blood Mead. The images are shown below:

God Of War RagnarokGod Of War RagnarokThese are the 3 locations where you will find the switch that you need to turn and match the letter engraved in the Nornir Chest in order to unlock it. The first two images shown are quite easy to find, however, finding the final switch was tough. There is another image below showing you the third switch which you need to ignite the brambles with the help of your Blade.

Nornir Chest At The Southern Wilds

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