God Of War Ragnarok- How To Remove Mushroom Plant Vines

God Of War RagnarokDuring the exploration in God Of War Ragnarok, there are few paths or chests that are blocked and require new abilities in order to obtain and unlock the contents that lie beneath. We have the answer for all who are wondering how to get rid of mushroom plant vines. However it is a spoiler zone, so if you are curious then proceed to read the post.

How To Remove Mushroom Plant Vines At God Of War Ragnarok

To remove mushroom plant vines, you will need to proceed through the main story, and unlock Freya. Without spoiling much, the major runic ability after Sonic arrows, you will obtain the Sigil arrows when she is added as a companion.

Use the Sigil arrow on the mushroom plant vines and ignite the vines or brambles with your Blades of Chaos. There are much greater uses of Sigil arrows, however, what you need to focus on is advancing through the main story, and you can visit any realms once it is unlocked to discover and collect the remaining collectible. Any unfinished and undiscovered areas will be locked as you might not have the Favours activated or the ability to explore that area. Unlock all the Realms and collect the key abilities before exploring the areas.

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