Soulstone Survivors Best Barbarian Build To Win With Curse

soulstone survivors

Barbarian is the first character you will come across when you play Soulstone Survivors for the first time. They have two types of weapons which are Barbaric Cleaver and Tribal War Axes. These weapons have different starting skills. According to me, the better starting weapon is the Barbaric Cleaver as it damages the enemy at 360 degrees. While the tribal axe deals bleed damage which is helpful for the scent of blood ability, which I will talk more about later. Unlike other characters, Barbarian doesn’t have any negative modifiers from the start. The stats of Barbarian are:

  • +20 Maximum Health
  • 15% Critical Damage Chance
  • 25% Cast Frequency Modifier
  • 10% Movement Speed Modifier

Soulstone Survivors Best Barbarian Build

The best 6 active skills for the Barbarian will be:

  • Whirlwind
  • Titan Cleaver
  • Heroic Strike
  • Body Slam
  • Blood Lust 
  • Scent Of Blood

Blood lust and the Scent of blood increase your cast modifier percentage which means you will be able to cast skills more frequently. To increase the potency of the Scent of blood, you need to deal bleed damage, but the active skills mentioned above don’t deal bleed damage.

For that reason, you need to take the passive ability called “Weakness” which has a 10% chance of applying fragility. After that, you need to take it as an upgraded passive called “Gangrene” as every time you apply fragility on the enemy they also get a bleed effect on them which will increase the Scent of Blood potency.

Once your active skills are leveled up, you will be able to cast these skills continuously and no other enemies could come near your character. You can aim at the enemies that are trying to close in the gap and instantly kill them with a body slam and a heroic strike.

Other passive skills you need to take are increasing area modifier, increasing damage modifier, behemoth(increase health), increasing critical chance, and multicast. With these active and passive skills, you might have a chance to increase your cast modifier by more than 1000% and keep on casting active skills to kill all the enemies and void.

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