Sonic Frontiers A Grave Mystery Pillar Puzzle Solution

Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers is an action-adventure platform game that recently got launched on all major platforms. The game was supposed to launch the previous year, but due to some changes, it got delayed. In this game, Sonic gets separated from his friends and now he must go through various islands to free them. The main objective is to obtain the chaos emerald as shown in the cinematic cutscene in a fight with giganto and sage. Once you complete the tutorial and reach Kronos Island you will solve a puzzle to unlock the region. Below you will find how to complete a grave mystery pillar puzzle.

Sonic Frontiers How To Solve A Grave Mystery Pillar Puzzle

While playing the game for a bit, you will get a quest to Talk to Amy and after talking to her you will unlock a new region that was locked before. But to access this region, you need to solve a puzzle called “A Grave Mystery”. This puzzle can be a bit frustrating and difficult to solve and might take up a lot of your time. To solve this puzzle you need to connect some of the pillars by looking at the non-patchy ground from the top.

The ground will be full of green grass, but you could find the lines in which the pillar are connected by looking at the ground color. The light could pass only through the line connected by the pillars. You need to move a few of the pillars to connect all the pillars with light and complete the puzzle.

There will be four black pillars that could only be moved to connect all the pillars with lights. These pillars are connected to each other, which means if you move one of the pillars, the other one connected to it will also move. Making it one of the most difficult puzzles you will face in the game. The pillar you need to move to solve the puzzle and unlock the new region are:

  1. Move the bottom pillar light to the downside
  2. Move the right pillar light towards the left side.
  3. Move the left pillar light facing the left side.
  4. Move the right side pillar again towards the left side.

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