The Past Within All Achievement List & How To Unlock Them

the past within

The Past Within is a puzzle-solving game where you partner up with another player to change the past and future to uncover Albert Vanderboom’s plan. You need to observe, interact and communicate with the other player everything you see in the room and together solve the puzzle. There is a total of 24 achievements that you need to unlock in order to complete the game 100%. Below you will find all the achievement lists and how to unlock them.

The Past Within How To Get All Achievement

The Past Chapter 1

You Know What To Do – Click on the crow picture where there are four pictures hanging on the wall, then visit the other room with a mirror. There click on the mirror to find the crow behind you and unlock the achievement.

Behind The Mask – When the wind blows, one of the pictures will fall from the wall and you will obtain a key. Put the key in the second drawer and obtain the mask. Then click on the mirror to look at yourself and wear the mask.

Bone, Flesh, and Blood – Place these three items inside the machine.

Catch Me If You Can – Click on the butterfly or bee in the picture that is on the wall. The butterfly or bee will fly onto the next room and the vase in the next room breaks. Once the vase breaks, you need to visit another room to find the butterfly or bee on the lamp hanging onto the ceiling. Click on the butterfly or bee to unlock the achievement.

The Devil – After the soul leaves the coffin, look inside the coffin to find a tarot card.

The Past Has Changed – Complete chapter 1.

The Past Chapter 2

Ear On The Inside – Once you put the ear inside the box and hook it up you will unlock this achievement.

Dead Eye – Take the needle and stab the voodoo doll in the eye.

Breaking In – When the butterfly or bee sits on your machine, you need to keep chasing it by clicking on it, till it sits inside the small box that you can close to unlock this achievement.

Victor – Keep playing the piano for some time.

Hidden Treasure – Place all 3 gems correctly inside the statue on your first try.

Rooted In the Past – Complete chapter 2 but don’t skip credits.

The Future Chapter 1

Who Is That? – After completing the lens puzzle, look through to see Rose and she will jumpscare you when you click on her.

The Year Of The Future – Correctly enter the date in the terminal.

Checkmate – Complete the chess puzzle on your first try without any mistakes. You can save before trying the chess puzzle, so if you make any mistake by chance, you can reload the game.

A Tooth For A Tooth – After obtaining the tooth from the corpse in the past, the future will have one more button to press in the machine. Press the last button to unlock this achievement.

The Future Is Ever Changing – Complete Chapter 1.

The Future Chapter 2

All Ears – When you put the ear inside the room and the big ear appears you will unlock the achievement.

Frankenstein – Complete the flesh science puzzle on your first try without making any mistakes.

There Will Be Blood – Once Albert will be resurrected with bone, flesh, and blood you will unlock this achievement.

No Way Out – Keep chasing the mouse by clicking on it.

Harvey’s Song – Play Harvey’s song on the radio by changing the frequency and then look in the mirror.

Branching Out – Complete chapter 2 and don’t skip the credits.

Family Verification, Symbol Sequence, & Activate Ventilation System

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