The Chant All Endings & How To Get Them

The chant

In The Chant, there are three different types of endings available in this game that are related to your character stats. The three major stats available in the game for your character are the mind, body, and spirit. You can increase these stats while doing different activities and collecting items. The ending you get in this game is determined by which stats are higher in mind, body, or spirit at the end of the game. During your gameplay, you can check out the statistics of your character from the menu. Below you will how to get all three different types of endings.

The Chant All Endings

During the game, you will get three different types of choices during the dialogue cutscenes. These three options are related to your character stats mind, body, and spirit. The top choice will be related to the mind, the middle choice is related to the body and the bottom choice is related to the spirit. Each time you select any one of these choices, you will obtain a particular stats point. For each choice, your character gets 3 points in stats. So choose the dialogue options depending on the type of ending you want in the game. Each end has its own achievement to unlock.

How To Get Mind Ending

To increase mind stats you can try to find, collect and read the reels that will grant you 1 mind point. You can consume lavender to increase your mental energy by 1 point.

How To Get Body Ending

To increase the body stats you can kill the cultist which will get you 1 point per kill, you can also consume ginger to increase your body energy as each ginger will grant you 1 point in body stats.

How To Get Spirit Ending

To increase spirit energy you can kill gloom creatures that will grant you 1 point of spirit stats for each kill. You can consume spirit caps to increase your spirit stats.

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