Genshin Impact Replica ID How To Replicate Noble Abode

Genshin Impact

The replicate id feature is one of the latest features added to Genshin Impact in this new 3.2 update. In this feature, all the Genshin impact players will be able to share their Serentia teapot designs. You can copy these ids and use them in your replication feature to use someone else Serentia teapot design.

You need not have to be friends with someone to use their design, you just need the replicate code. Similarly, you also could share your own designs but the slots are limited and you can keep up to 10 designs at the moment. If you want to add some additional designs, then you need to delete one of the previous designs.

You can also visit your friend’s teapot and get their replicate id if they have enabled the design-sharing option. You can share these designs only from players from your region which means a replicate id of Asia won’t work for the player in Europe.

Genshin Impact How To Unlock Replicate ID

If you are looking to how unlock the replicate id feature, you must have already unlocked the Serenitea pot system. After that, you need to complete the quest called “A Teapot to Call Home: Part 2”. To replicate a design, you need to visit the adaptel mirror, then select replica. There you need to click on the “+” sign to create your own design and share it with your friends.

If you are trying to import a friend’s design, you must have all the furniture required to copy the design. The game will show you the furniture that you are missing while trying to import the design. To use someone’s replica Id you need to visit the adaptel mirror and then the replica menu, there on the bottom of the menu, you will find the option to use a replica ID. Be completely sure when you going to delete a replica because you will not be able to retrieve it back. You need to have the same mansion type or realm layout while trying to replicate other designs.

One of the best noble abode replica ids is the ASIA server: 26575436735, NA server: 26421752599, and EU server: 9292768363. Credits – RielleB

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