Victoria 3 How To Increase A Country Population

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In Victoria 3 the benefit of increasing population is you will get more workers for your industry and more pops will pay their taxes which will increase the country’s economy. But the problem with having more population is that you need to fulfill all the basic needs of the pops and figure out which resources are abundant in your country and which resources your need to grow or import from other countries to fulfill the needs of the pops. Below you will find a few ways through which you will be able to increase the birth rate and reduce the mortality rate.

Victoria 3 How To Increase Population

To increase the birth rate, you need to pass the legal guardianship laws that you can find under the human rights section called “Rights Of Women”. Before passing the law make sure to check the approval rate and the political parties that support the law. Passing the legal guardianship law will increase the birth rate by 5%.

You can also pass the law of the health system to “Public Health Insurance” which will decrease the mortality rate by 5%. You can find the health system law by going into the politics menu from the left side of the screen. There visit the law menu and you can find the health system under the economy section.

A few other ways to increase your population growth are to keep your pops happy and remove the migration control. If your country is prospering and paying more basic wages, people will like to migrate into your country from other countries which will make your population grow.

You also need to reduce revolution in your country and stop radicals growth that might cause unrest in your country. You can check out our previous guide on how to reduce radicals.

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