Bayonetta 3 Medallion Shards Where To Find Them & Unlock Boss

bayonetta 3

In Bayonetta 3 there are 4 medallion shards hidden across the chapters that you need to find. Once you find all the medallions and have destroyed them, you will be able to unlock the hidden boss golem. This enemy was one of the major enemies you have come across in the first and the second part but in Bayonetta 3, the golem is a secret boss. The secret boss will have a 3x health bar that you need to deplete in order to defeat him. Once you have defeated it, you will obtain the pure platinum medal with a 700 orb bonus and 1500 seeds. Below you will find the location of all 4 medallions shards.

Bayonetta 3 Medallion Shards Location

1st Medallion Shard Location

The first medallion shard is located in chapter 1 verse 1. As soon as you enter the chapter, go to your right side and look down to find broken stairs leading down the cliff. You need to go through the stairs till the end to find the medallion that you need to break.

2nd Medallion Shard Location

The second medallion shard is located in chapter 4 verse 1. As you keep going forward, you will find a broken bridge that you need to cross. After crossing the bridge you will find waterfalls on your right side. Go near the sun and moon pillar, and behind the moon pillar, you will find a platform with a waterfall falling down. Climb onto the platform on your right to find the medallion.

3rd Medallion Shard Location

The third medallion is located in chapter 7 verse 2. When you reach the area with a circle-like portal, you will come across a locked door, infront of the door you will find the medallion.

4th Medallion Shard Location

The fourth medallion can be found in chapter 10 verse 2 after the fight. You will come across some broken pillars and a single pillar standing. On the right side of the standing pillar, you will find a broken building part. Hit the wall of the broken building, just the right side of the standing pillar to break it and reveal the final medallion.

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