Bayonetta 3- How To Equip Grappling Hook/Crystal Feather

bayonetta 3In Bayonetta 3, we have cool skills and abilities for all the characters which also includes Viola. At the very beginning, we started playing with the main character obviously, Bayonetta. However, as the story progresses, we learn that we are allowed to play Jeanne in a particular chapter, and hence in Chapter 5, we have to play with Viola. She is quick and she is nimble and using its grapple gun at midair allows her to travel a greater distance. Since you get the Crystal Feather, you will lose the ability to Grapple Gun, can you get it back? Well, yes!

How To Equip And Unequip Grappling Hook/Crystal Feather At Bayonetta 3

If you pause the game and look at the Skills section, you will find there are skills that can be unlocked for Bayonetta, Viola, and her demons. Under Viola, you can notice that you will have equipped Crystal Feather which now allows you to float on the air for a little time until you descend down completely.

Now you can disable that ability to get the grapple gun back for the Viola and can swing forward quickly in midair with its help. Enjoy the diverse characters, demons, and their fighting prowess in this multiverse madness. For more informative guides on Bayonetta 3, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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