Bayonetta 3- How To Blow Kiss With Madama Butterfly

bayonetta 3In Bayonetta 3, we are given multiple move challenges that have a win condition i.e. to defeat the enemies and perform the specific move a certain number of times. In Chapter 1 Verse 6 we had a challenge where we had to blow kisses on the Undying enemies for 3 times in order to obtain the reward. The challenges can be done multiple times as the rewards are given for the first-time completion and multiple-time completion will be mentioned. Let’s complete the challenge with Madama/Madame Butterfly.

How To Blow Kiss With Madama Butterfly At Bayonetta 3

There will be an input mentioned on the left side of the screen with a Butterfly sign and R saying, Flutter Kiss. This is the name of the move that you need to perform three times. Now, all you need to do is summon Madama Butterfly by holding the button “ZL” and then pressing “R“.

In gigantic form, Madama Butterfly will pause for a while to perform a Flutter Kiss where you can get hit. This ranged attack can be performed at a safe distance as the fluttering kiss is a homing attack and can attack multiple targets at once.

This challenge will not consume much time and can be completed very quickly. For future challenges, look out for the signs shown that signify the Demons. While performing combos, you can notice that the Demon sign or the type of attacks are included in the Combo Points and increase the multiplier.

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