Bayonetta 3- How To Bite And Toss At Chapter 1 Verse 2

bayonetta 3In Bayonetta 3, the game begins with such a cool cutscene and the story of the multiverse where the tutorial started and ended as it began. Fighting against all magnitude of enemies and learning all sorts of moves and abilities we are given challenges in each Chapter. In Chapter 1 Verse 2, we have a challenge known as Bite and Toss which is explained here what to do in order to complete and reap the rewards.

How To Bite And Toss At Chapter 1 Verse 2 At Bayonetta 3

It is still the starting phase where players are getting acquainted with the move lists and inputs. Even though there is an input notification on the left side of the screen that says Gripping Bite, it might have confused and made everyone wonder where to toss these enemy monsters. Well, the challenge requires you to toss them on the ground, not to knock them outside the platform.

To complete the challenge, press “ZL” to summon Gomorrah, and while holding “ZL“, press or spam the “R” button to bite and toss using the Devourer of the Divine. The attack is also known as Gripping Bite. Simply perform this specific attack 3 times to complete the Chapter 1 Verse 2 challenge.

Obtain the first-time reward and continue the story along with Viola as the hunt for singularity has begun. For more informative guides on Bayonetta 3, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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