Bayonetta 3 Alruna Unlock Weapon & Alraune Demon Guide

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In Bayonetta 3 there are various different types of weapons that can be unlocked by simply playing the game or collecting all the Umbran tears of blood of a particular chapter. These weapons are infused with demonic powers and one such weapon is called Alruna. Below you will find the demon infused with Alruna and how to obtain it.

Alraune Demon

Alraune is a demon that has previously appeared in the Bayonetta prequel games. This demon has possessed the soul of Jeanne to obtain and dragged her into her realm to obtain her power. Alraune despises the infernal demon Madama Butterfly and is her long-term rival.

When Bayonetta enter Alraune’s realm she gets quite angry and asks Bayonetta to leave, but once she realizes that Madama Butterfly is in contract with Bayonetta and she is an Umbra Witch, they get into a fight. When Alraune is defeated, Rodin stops Bayonetta from killing her and transforms her into a weapon called Alruna.

Bayonetta 3 How To Unlock Alruna

Alruna is a weapon that has pair of whips that can be equipped on both hands and legs. The weapon has a long attack range and players will be able to unlock and obtain this weapon in Bayonetta 3 also. To obtain this secret weapon, players need to collect all Umbran tears of blood in chapter 3 and complete the phenomenal Remnant 3. Below you will find where to find these collectibles


As the chapter starts, you will find a building in your front. On top of the building, you will find the crow. You need to take the platform on your left side to reach the building.


To reach the toad, as the chapter starts you need to take the left platform that you had taken to reach the building but instead of jumping onto the building, you need to look down to find another platform. Jump down to the platform and keep going forward and look up to find the toad.

Else you can also find the broken train tracks and keep moving till the end of the tracks to find the end of the tunnel. On your left, you will find the toad.


After clearing verse 3 you will jump across the top of the gates to reach an alleyway. There on the left side, you will find the cat. You need to climb onto the roof of the house to block the alley with a board and catch the cat.

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