Victoria 3 How To Colonize

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In Victoria 3, you will be only able to colonize the decentralized nations. The decentralized nations are the one that has pops, buildings, rulers, and law but no centralized power to enforce borders. That makes these countries prone to colonization by countries with a higher power. Below you will find how to colonize a nation and pass colonize law.

Victoria 3 How To Colonize

To be able to colonize in this game first you need to pass the law of colonization. In the politics law menu, the colonization law will be in the middle under the economy section. There you will find two types of colonization which are:

  • Colonial Resettlement – Gets +100% bonus migration attraction in unincorporated states.
  • Colonial Exploitation – You will obtain more output of resources from the buildings and you will require fewer resources to run these colonies.

Once you passed any one of these two laws, you will be able to start colonizing the state. To colonize a state you have to diplomatic lens at the bottom of the page or press Alt+3. There you will find an option to colonize and once you click on that, the list of the decentralized nation will pop up in which your country is interested.

To be able to colonize, you need to first show an interest in that particular nation. To show interest in a nation you need to select the diplomacy option from the left side menu and then select show interest. There you need to add the nation in which you want to colonize. To colonize a nation, it will take a certain amount of days or years. You can hover your mouse over that nation to check how many days the colonization will be complete.

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