Victoria 3 How To Win Wars

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In Victoria 3 to win wars, you need to mobilize your battalion to various different fronts where they will face the enemy country’s troops and fight. To fight battles your army needs artillery and small arms. It depends on your troop levels. Each country’s troops have certain offense and defense attributes and you need to increase them to be able to defeat your opponent easily.

Victoria 3 How To Win Wars

While you mobilize your troops on a few fronts, the small battles take place in various places near the borders. You could check the outcome of these battles by clicking on the icons. You could also click on the front where you have mobilized troops and select the battle menu to check out all the battles happening in various areas and which country is winning those battles.

To increase your troop’s offense and defense you need to complete various different military technology. After that, you could change your troop organization by visiting the military option on the left side and selecting the general. There you will find the mobilized battalion and by changing their organization to a higher level you will increase their offense and defense attributes that will give you an advantage over the enemy.

You could also change their artillery support which will give your troops more offense and defense stats. But make sure these changes will cost a lot more resources and make an impact on your country’s market. You could check all the resources these upgrades will consume and be prepared before going into war. Make sure to stock enough of these resources from the buildings or importing from trade.

Your generals also play a big role as they each have their own traits. Each general control a number of battalions and you need to promote them to a higher level to increase the battalion size. But promoting them will cause bureaucracy to decrease and they will have more power in the political party they are representing. Mobilize your battalion to make use of these traits and win the war easily. While being in a prolonged war could damage both country economy. You could propose a peace deal by adding some clause or without a clause by clicking on the war icon on the top right side.

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