Victoria 3 How To Declare Wars

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In Victoria 3 while you are governing your country, fulfilling your pop needs, and increasing standard of living. You also need to prepare for wars to either conquer other countries or defend against them. There are various other diplomatic plays that you need to make to grow your economy. Below you will find how to declare wars on other countries and all the diplomatic plays available.

Victoria 3 How To Declare Wars

Before declaring war on a certain country make sure to check its power and troop capacity by right-clicking on any country and selecting the information option. There under the rank, you will find the country’s troop size and power. Try to start wars with countries smaller or less powerful than yours. To declare war, you need to right-click on the desired country and select conquer, ban slavery, open market, make vassal various such type of options. After selecting any one of the options, you will get a pop-up message that will show you your war cause and the enemies you will face.

You can also check out the other countries that might support your enemy. After that, you will have time for diplomacy in which either country could back down from the war and the opposite country wins. During the diplomatic play, you will have few options to add an extra clause for the war.

If you are waging war against a bigger nation, you could add a clause to capture one of their states if they back out during the diplomatic period. Once the war starts both the country have their opening moves where you could check the countries you could sway to be your ally. In return, you need to give these countries obligations or war reparation, etc. You could check through the thumb sign on the right whether they will accept the offer or not. Once the diplomatic plays start if neither of the countries back down it will start the war.

The diplomatic plays through which you could start a war are:

  • Annex Subject
  • Ban Slavery
  • Conquer State
  • Cut Down To Size
  • Humiliate
  • Independence
  • Liberate Subject
  • Make Dominion
  • Make Puppet
  • Make Vassal
  • Open Market
  • Regime Change
  • Return State
  • Take Treaty Port
  • Transfer Subject

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