Victoria 3 Standard of Living & How To Increase It

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Victoria 3 is a strategy game where you control all the decisions made by a country for its people. Starting in the victorian period you will progress the society by increasing the standard of living of people and keeping the pops happy in this game. Below you will find what is standard of living is and how to increase it in this game.

Victoria 3 How To Increase Standard of Living

The standard of living in this game is the same as it works in real life. The people living in your country have daily basic needs that should be fulfilled. Once a family is able to afford their daily bread and save some money. They would like to spend on certain items that will make their lifestyle better. The people in this game are called pops and you need to keep on increasing the minimum wage in the country to increase the standard of living.

There are three different classes of pops that are defined by their profession which are:

  • Lower Strata – The daily wage workers who are paid the least in this game.
  • Middle Strata – Average qualification pops who are paid average.
  • Upper Strata – Industrialists and capitalists that are paid the most.

The pops that belong to each class have a minimum standard of living and if your minimum wage falls below the standard then the pops will be unhappy and become radical creating turmoil in the states.

The best way to increase the minimum wage is by having profitable buildings that employ these pops. If the building that you have invested in goes in loss, it will not be able to increase the wage of these pops, and the minimum wage will go down which will make the standard of living go down too.

Make sure to check which resource your country needs and if the building is profitable or not. You can also check the cash reserve of the buildings and if it is too low, you need to give them a subsidy to increase the cash reserve.

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