Overwatch 2- How To Complete Photozomb Event Challenge

Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, the Halloween Event has brought about a few Event challenges that allow players to complete and earn rewards as mentioned. One of the challenges which we have featured in this guide is the Photozomb challenge that need to be accomplished when Sombra or the Wrath of The Bride is introduced as the final boss.

How To Complete Photozomb Halloween Event Challenge At Overwatch 2

Once you reach the final stage of the Eichenwalde where The Bride aka Sombra spawns at the top, there is a brief pause as it is introduced. When you have 3 agile characters i.e. Soujurn, Ashe, and Kiriko who can easily climb up with the help of their abilities. Before she spawns, strike a pose i.e. use Emote near the switch.

Once she spawns and is introduced, you will obtain the new Sombra voice line “Never Cross The Bride“. You must know the spawn location so if you have seen some stream or played Junkerstein’s Revenge: Wrath Of The Bride before, so you know where to climb and emote.

Now, equip the new voice line and be a nuisance on your opponent’s face while remaining invisible. If you want to learn how to complete more Halloween Event Challenges in Overwatch 2, then we have covered more guides as mentioned below thisĀ  description:

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