Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord- How To Equip Banners

Mount And Blade 2 Bannerlord(1)In Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord there are a total of 46 Banners if you include the Dragon Banner in the count. These Banners can be equipped to enjoy the perks passively whose effects will benefit your whole troops. However, the console or MnK players are having trouble finding and later equipping them. This guide is compiled to explain how you can get the banners and equip them in-game.

How To Equip Banners At Mount And Blade 2: Bannerlord

The Banners are obtained as a form of loot which means that once you complete the battles, the chance of obtaining the banner is random. However, once you have the banner it has been a problem encountered by the players that there is no equip button on the banner. Another way to equip or the only way to equip Banners would be to drag and drop the Banner into the empty Banner slot.

There are 3 different Tiers of the Banner that has an increasing effect over each previous Tiers. The amount or number mentioned in the effect might be confusing for example:

  • Archer’s Flag (Tier 1)Increased Range Damage (0.05)
  • Bowman’s Flag (Tier 2)Increased Range Damage (0.08)
  • Marksman’s Flag (Tier 3) Increased Range Damage (0.10)

Thus, 0.05 is noticed that it increases by 5% of Range Damage, and similarly, 0.10 equals 10% of Range Damage. The Tier 1 Banners can be equipped or held by the AI Nobles, similarly, Tier 2 and Tier 3 can be equipped or held by the AI Clan Leaders and AI Faction Leaders respectively. Irrespective of Tiers, the player characters can hold any Banners.

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