Disney Dreamlight Valley Nature & Nurture Plant The Orb

disney dreamlight valley

This time, Scar from The Lion King made its debut in Disney Dreamlight Valley as the main attraction and the star of the event. Therefore, Scar will be your new friend. Through this article, we will guide you completely for scar’s very first quest line in the queue, “ Nature & Nurture “.

To unlock the Sunlight Plateau for 7000 Dreamlights to meet Scar. Just proceed up the pathway, turn right into the elephant’s cemetery, and enter the house in the skull. Our star of recent updates is right waiting for you. Once he is unlocked, you can begin the Nature & nurture task and explore the Vitalis Mines, a new region of the Sunlit Plateau with fresh commodities and gems for you to mine.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Nature & Nurture Quest Guide

Speak with Scar at the gigantic mammoth head house in the northern part of the area after opening the Sunlit Plateau. Your next assignment is to assist Scar in restoring the Sunlit Plateau, which will require a number of stages beginning with the removal of Giant Night Thorns.

For clear directions on how to remove the Night Thorns that are obstructing the river. After that, your next task is to find a treasure chest, containing Ginger Root, Crackling Candies, & also the recipe for Root beer. You can find it if you continue back down the road and deeper into the cave. It’s time to return to Merlin and give an update on your discovery.

Return to the Vitalys Mines after creating the Root Beer, then place the beer & crackling candies in the red barrel. Once the night Thorns have been destroyed, you can return to the Sunlit Plateau to find a portal blazing in front of you. Go through the portal, then proceed along the route, smashing a few rocks as you go. Pick up the enigmatic object that the Forgotten dropped. Now you can exit the portal and go back to Merlin.

Now the enigmatic object is the orb of nurturing. Hand it over to Scar after which he will instruct you to collect the following items to create the miracle growth elixir. And the items are listed with ways to harness them :

  • 1000x Dreamlights 
  • 10x Rich soil
  • 10x vital crystals

Right after all the ingredients have been catered, the miracle growth elixir can be prepared at the crafting station, and then report your progress to Merlin. And finally, the quest will end by planting the orb. Reach the pillar at the sunlit plateau and bury the orb by digging a hole in the front of the Pillar. To finish the most recent quest objective, water the sapling.

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