Disney Dreamlight Valley Dried Ginger & Extra Fizzy Root Beer


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Disney Dreamlight Valley recently got a big update featuring new Disney characters, items, meals, and areas. You can find Scar inside the big skull in the Sunlit Plateau who will give a big quest called “Nature & Nurture”. In this quest at one point, you need to find dried ginger to cook the extra fizzy root beer and crackling candy. Below you will find where to find these items to complete the quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Where To Find Dried Ginger

In one of the Nature & Nurture subquests you have to find some extra fizzy root beer and crackling candy to complete the Scar quest. While finding normal ginger is easy and you can find them in the forgotten lands, finding dried ginger can be a bit difficult if you don’t know the exact location you are looking for.

To find the dried ginger you need to visit the new mine in the Sunlit Plateau near the river. Once inside the mine, you will find a campsite with some furniture and a chest on your right. You need to interact with the chest and open it to find the dried ginger and crackling candy. Now you need to cook an extra fizzy root beer to complete this sub-quest.

Disney Dreamlight Valley How To Make Extra Fizzy Root Beer

To craft the extra fizzy root beer, you need to first obtain the dried ginger. Once you have that the two other ingredients you will need are sugarcane and vanilla. Now visit a cooking station and put these three ingredients together to craft the extra fizzy root beer.

Now take the cracking candy and extra fizzy root beer and put them inside the barrel in the mines to make remove the night thorns that are blocking the flow of the river.

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