Coral Island How To Get & Farm Hay

Coral Island

With the grand arrival of the coral islands, this farming genre game has way more things to offer you than normal farming simulation. Players are drawn in by the blend of the well-known and the creative attributes, which fuels an irresistible desire to delve deeply into the island’s mysteries. Coral Island has added an emotional plotline about environmental destruction witnessed around coral reefs, as well as a diving facility to discover the oceans, to the well-loved cozy genre’s foundational elements. And in this article, we would help you how to farm hay on a coral island.

Coral Island How To Obtain Hay

Farming hay would be the simplest task in the coral islands’ quest. Before you come to that let us know why would you need to farm hay. Hay is the most primitive, basic food needed for your animals for good growth so that you can yield good products afterward. After you have collected your farm blueprint and your barn, the stable and coop are ready. Now it’s time to shop for animals and once you have you have to feed them.

Since we are talking about hay particularly, it can be obtained from the fiber. And fiber is nothing more than the farmed grass from your ranch. Once you obtain the mill and let your fiber be processed it would come out to be the hay that you can provide your cattle with.

To get a mill you need to get it from Dinda. The resources required to get the mill blueprint are 20 scrap, 50 wood, and 2 bronze bars. Once you have obtained these resources which are not so hard to obtain, you can install a mill on your farm.

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