Coral Island How To Get Past 3 Turtles & obtain Bronze Tier Veggie

Coral Island

The ability to play Coral Island at your own tempo is one of its best features. You don’t always need to hurry, so you have ample time to investigate the places marked on the map. You can bide your time looking at the aquatic environment if you get tired of wandering on land.

Coral Island requires deep sea diving, and to clean up spilled oil from the ocean floor you need to turn on solar orbs and pick up rubbish. Additionally, there are several sea creatures that you can catch, albeit some of which are not very amiable. However, there is a risk that you will occasionally come into contact with huge turtles as you go deeper into the ocean.

Coral Island How To Get Past 3 Turtles

These creatures are too big to obstruct access to various sea regions. You need to communicate with them and provide them with the things they request from you in order to go beyond them. So in turn to move away for your way, they would ask you stuffs from you. And we are here to help you with how to move the massive giants. As you run upon the first massive sea turtle, it will want some kind of cucumber if you engage with it. The cucumber even has a star on its top. The bronze-level Vegetable is what the sea turtle demands. You must visit Ling’s Lab and improve your seedlings to bronze in order to obtain veggies of the bronze tier, which increases your chances of success.

Once you have the vegetable, return to the region where you found the sea turtle after you have your cucumber. Engage with it and give it the enticing treat. The turtle will consume it and stop bothering you as a result, allowing you to continue exploring the remainder of the ocean. Bronze-tier milk will be requested by the third turtle that can be obtained from the cow that has six or more hearts, there is a chance you could obtain that. They will soon give birth if you just keep adoring and milking them.

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