Slime Rancher 2- How And Where To Get Mint Mango

slime ranchers 2In Slime Rancher 2, you will have to unlock the Starlight Strand which is pretty easy if you have just started the game i.e. feed Cotton Gordo who will be found in the Rainbow Fields. The vast area consists of multiple resources and you are in luck as the Mint Mango can be found and farmed only in Starlight Strand. We have compiled this small guide dedicated to learning Mint Mangoes’ location.

How And Where To Get Mint Mango At Slime Rancher 2

Slime Rancher 2Mint Mango is one of the important resources as it is a favorite food for Honey Slime. To find these Mint Mango, you will need to move to these specified areas in the Starlight Strand as shown in the image. Look for the green trees located at height or at mountains that generally grow Mint Mangoes.

Most importantly, you will have to craft a Jetpack in order to explore the areas efficiently and quickly. After collecting Mint Mangoes, you can use your garden depositor for farming Mint Mangoes in order to feed a bunch of Honey Slimes as all of the tasks need to be completed by yourself only.

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