Slime Rancher 2- All Gordo Location In Starlight Strand And Foods

slime ranchers 2In Slime Rancher 2, there are a total number of 5 huge Gordo whom you can find in the Starlight Strand. They all need to be fed their favorite food in order to pop them fast. Some Gordo have food preferences and they eat only specific foods and the rest eats any food given to them. In this guide, we have explained and mentioned all Gordo locations in the Starlight Strand as well as what they prefer to eat.

All Gordo Location And Their Favorite Food In Starlight Strand At Slime Rancher 2

As mentioned earlier there is a total of 5 Gordo that can be found in the whole Starlight Strand. Namely, they are:

  1. Hunter Gordo (Diet- Meat)
  2. Honey Gordo (Diet- Fruit)
  3. Flutter Gordo (Diet- Nectar)
  4. Ringtail Gordo (Diet- Fruit, Veggie, And Meat)
  5. Angler Gordo (Diet- Meat)

Slime Rancher 2As shown in the image above, you can find the Gordo at these marked locations. Hunter Gordo can be fed Roostro as it is his favorite. For Honey Gordo, you can feed Mint Mango and for Flutter Gordo, feed Moondew Nectar. Moondew Nectar can be found on top of the green trees i.e. grown near the Flutter Gordo.

Ringtail Gordo has no favorite, so you can feed him any type of food. However, he only spawns at night so make sure you visit him when the sun is down. Finally, Angler Gordo can be fed Sea Hen which will be found at the bottom of the triangle-shaped hole not far from Ringtail Gordo’s location. For more informative guides on Slime Rancher 2, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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