Slime Rancher 2- All 24 Treasure Pods Location In Ember Valley

slime ranchers 2In Slime Rancher 2, there are Treasure Pods that contain various rewards such as Blueprints or upgrade components. These Treasure Pods are hidden well on the map and if you are on a mission to find them all, then this guide might help you achieve and complete this mission. Refer to the image of the map and pathing as we have mentioned in this guide.

All 24 Treasure Pods Location In Ember Valley At Slime Rancher 2

Slime Rancher 2There are 24 Treasure Pods situated on the map of Ember Valley. The treasure pod’s location is marked in the image above with a red circle. We have missed out on a Treasure Pod (in the map) which is located on the pillar where Tabby Gordo is found.

The rewards obtained after opening the Treasure pods are mentioned  below:

  • Storage Cell (Upgrade Component)
  • Dash Pad (Blueprint)
  • Amber Cypress Cluster (Blueprint)
  • Jetpack Drive (Upgrade Component)
  • Azure Glow Shrooms (Blueprint)
  • Cinder Spike Blossoms (Blueprint)
  • Sunfire Daisies (Blueprint)
  • Blue Warp Depot (Blueprint)
  • Heart Cell (Upgrade Component)
  • Amber Cypress (Blueprint)
  • Happy Statue (Blueprint)
  • Meat Slime Bait (Blueprint)
  • Medium Pink Coral Columns (Blueprint)
  • Gnarled Ashwood (Blueprint)
  • VAC Tank (Upgrade Component)
  • Stalagmite (Blueprint)
  • Grey Warp Depot (Blueprint)
  • Fruit Slime Bait (Blueprint)
  • Medium Palm (Blueprint)
  • Ember Valley Portal (Blueprint)
  • Strange Diamond (Resource)
  • Magma Pool (Blueprint)
  • Medium Red Ashwood (Blueprint)
  • Tall Magma Clump (Blueprint)

To check out for an awesome pathing video guide for all 24 Treasure Pods in Ember Valley, click on the Epokk channel. For more informative guides on Slime Rancher 2, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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