Slime Rancher 2 How To Get Fire Slime & Get Ash For Food

slime ranchers 2

In Slime Rancher 2, there are various different types of slime you will encounter is the rainbow island. Inside the island, there are various areas that you need to unlock and explore to find a new variety of slime. These slimes will produce better plort that you can sell for a higher price or obtain resources which will help you craft better gadgets. Below you will find the location of one slime called fire slime and where to find their diet “Ash”.

Slime Rancher 2 How To Get Fire Slime

fire slime location

To find fire slime in this game, you must first unlock the second area of the game called Ember Valley. To open the Ember valley area you will have to destroy the pink Gordo located in rainbow fields. After that, you need to interact with the device to unlock the portal that will teleport you to the Ember Valley.

Once you reach Ember Valley, you need to visit the opposite side of the island. To reach the other side of the island you will have to use the jetpack. The other side of the island will contain dangerous slime that you need to avoid. On the other side, you will find a lot of lava pools. Inside these pools, you will find the fire slime swimming and playing around. You can use your Vac to store them in your Vacpack and bring them back to the conservatory.

How To Get Ash Fire Slime Food

After you have brought a few fire slimes into your conservatory, you are ready to obtain some plort from them. But to your surprise, these fire slime will only eat ash as their diet and after that only they will produce fire plort.

To obtain Ash in this game, you will have to build an incinerator. Then interact with the incinerator terminal to obtain the Ash Trough upgrade for 500 newbucks. Once you have upgraded your incinerator, you just have to put some food items inside it to produce Ash.

You don’t have to collect Ash using your Vac, as you keep putting items inside the incinerator, you will notice the ground getting higher and higher. These are the Ash that are getting collected at the base of the incinerator.¬†You need to bring the fire slime and place them on top of this Ash to feed them and obtain fire plort.

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