Return To Monkey Island- How To Get Iron Rose’s Support

Return To Monkey IslandIn Return To Monkey Island, all the crew members were doubtful of their captain LeChucky’s decision of going back to Monkey Island. They were relieved that Gullet has spilled all the Potion from the Cauldron, however, it also spoiled your motive to get or hitch a ride to the Monkey Island. Now, you will need to get a unanimous vote and convince all the crew members to support their captain’s decision. In this guide, we have explained what you need to do in order to gain Iron Rose’s Support.

How To Get Iron Rose’s Support In Return To Monkey Island

As you have been promoted to the First Swab by the process of elimination, you will need to prove to the Quartermaster, Iron Rose that you are worthy and dependable. After completing the First Swab Report and taking the Initial of Rose, you will need to deliver the stack of reports to LeChucky and have him signed.

Later talk to her and persuade Rose to change her vote. She will tell you how she is uninspired and having a crisis of faith. At that instance, pull out an Inspirational Onboarding Pamphlet from your Inventory that was delivered to you before. Hand it over to restore the faith and inspire the Quartermaster Iron Rose. Now, you have convinced her which means that you have obtained 2 votes including Chef Putra who will simply follow any decision that Iron Rose would make.

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