Return To Monkey Island- How To Get Flambe’s Support

Return To Monkey IslandIn Return To Monkey Island, you are outvoted against all the crew members. Now you have to get all their support in order to win a unanimous vote. In this guide particularly, we have explained how to get Flambe’s support and convince him to vote for your cause.

How To Get Flambe’s Support In Return To Monkey Island

Once you are promoted, go into LeChuck’s cabin and he will give you a form to fill up the First Swab’s Report. In this report, you will need to fill up 5 messed up things that you found around the ship. The messes are listed below:

  1. The ghost rat found beside the Laundry machine.
  2. The unsanitized dinner for tomorrow is in the kitchen.
  3. The spilled Potion.
  4. The Grease mess, you made it in the Hold.
  5. The empty crate at the Top Deck.

Next, hand over the First Swab Report which to Rose for the initial. Once you get the initial on your first report, she will hand over a stack of reports that need to be signed by LeChuck. Review the request for promotion and offer to help Cook Putra by talking and persuading LeChuck into signing the promotion letter. Stick and Combine the review request from Cook Putra into the Stack. Hand over the stack of reports to LeChuck and he will stamp over all the reports without looking.

Now, go over and deliver the news that she has been successfully promoted to Chef from Cook. Ask her to make him a Scorched Alaska and put it inside your Inventory. Deliver Scorched Alaska to Flambe and the vote will be in your favor.

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