Return To Monkey Island- How To Get Flair Gorey’s Support

Return To Monkey IslandIn Return To Monkey Island, you are outvoted and each of them is relieved that they are not going to Monkey Island. At this point, you will have to convince all of the crew members and gain their support after completing specific tasks for each of them. In this guide, we have specifically mentioned how to gain Flair Gorey’s support and find the heirloom Whale Knife.

How To Get Flair Gorey’s Support In Return To Monkey Island

To get Flair Gorey’s vote you will need to give her grandmother’s Whale Knife which was a gorgeous heirloom that she treasured. Apparently, the Whale Knife was sticking on Gullet’s back right where she stabbed him. As we all know Gullet has been kicked out by LeChuck and perhaps he will be lost in the sea. Is it a dead end or a lost cause?

Well, Gullet will be stuck on the rudder. Climb down into the water where he will be stuck pretty badly. Reach out and take the Whale Knife which will be stuck on his back. Deliver the Whale Knife back to Flair Gorey and her vote will be yours.

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