Return To Monkey Island- How To Convince The Crew & Get Vote

Return To Monkey IslandIn Return To Monkey Island, your main motive was to obviously find The Secret i.e. in Monkey Island. The story or tale has progressed now and you are promoted to the First Swab. There is no Potion and in the pretense of LeChuck’s command to brew the Potion again, you find out that Captain Madison accompanied by Captain Trent, and Captain Lila are sailing to the Monkey Island.

After revealing what you saw at Crow’s Nest to Quartermaster Rose; you will find out that the crewmates are reluctant to go to Monkey Island and relieved. To go to Monkey Island, you will need to convince the crew and how are you supposed to do that? If you are having the same question then we have compiled every task you need to perform in this guide.

How To Convince The Crew To Go To Monkey Island At Return To Monkey Island

After the voting, you will need to convince all the crew members to gain a unanimous vote from all of these mentioned. Start having conversations with all of them and learn what they need to sway their vote. Every task will be circling or focused on satisfying each crew member’s desire. The tasks are mentioned below:

  1. Restore faith in LeChucky’s decision and inspire her.
  2. Flair Gorey’s grandmother’s Whale Knife is needed.
  3. Convince Rose in order to get Chef Putra’s vote automatically.
  4. Flambe needs Scorched Alaska cooked by Chef Putra.

Additionally to get everyone’s vote including Apple Bob, simply hand over the Skim Joke Book which Flambe was reading earlier. Once you have delivered Scorched Alaska to him, he will let you borrow the book. Once you have completed all these tasks, then you can ring the bell once to call for a voting session.

Next, you are up for stealing LeChuck’s map to The Secret. For more informative guides on Return To Monkey Island, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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