Slime Rancher 2 Unlock New Islands, remove Pink & Cotton Gordo

slime ranchers 2

In Slime Rancher 2 while exploring the rainbow fields, you will find that the map is foggy and there is no way to get out of the area. While exploring you need to find a machine that will help you discover map data. You need to find the map data nodes across the area to clear your map and uncover more of it. To get out of the rainbow field and unlock a new area you need to find a Pink Gordo which is a big slime. Below you will find the location of the Pink Gordo and how to unlock the next area.

Slime Rancher How To Unlock New Area Ember Valley

To unlock a new island in Ember Valley, you need to first collect a lot of food. While exploring the rainbow fields, you will find a very big Pink Gordo that doesn’t move and is stuck in one place. You need to feed Pink Gordo with at least 40x veggies, fruit, or meat.

While you keep feeding food to the big Pink Gordo, its size keeps on increasing. Once it reaches its max size, it will burst and you will obtain a lot of “Pink Plort”. After the Pink Gordo burst, you will find water geyser coming out of the area.

You need to ride the geyser and go on top of the cliff to your left side. Then follow the path on your left. There you will find a device with which you need to interact that will lower the pillar and unlock one portal. If you visit the portal, it will take you to the next island called “Ember Valley”

Slime Rancher How To Unlock New Area Starlight Strand

Similarly, you need to feed veggies to the big Cotton Grodo and keep feeding it to explode which will lead you to a secret cave with a device. You need to interact with the device to open the portal that will take you to the Starlight Strand.

How To Remove The Tarr Black Slimes

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