Return To Monkey Island- How To Get Flattened Skull Or Flat Skull

Return To Monkey IslandOn the journey to Return To Monkey Island, we have to overcome tons of obstacles and solve multiple puzzles that are in the form of a ToDo list. We have boarded LeChuck’s ship and escaped the Hold currently if you are searching for the Flattened Skull according to the recipe for the Potion. As demanded by LeChuck, you will need to find a flattened skull and there is not much place to search for. In this guide, we have explained how and where you will find the flattened skull.

How To Get Flattened Skull Or Flat Skull At Return To Monkey Island

Once you are assigned to find the final ingredient of the Potion i.e. Flat Skull, you will need to be get caught by the First Swab, Gullet. Inside the Hold, you will need to open the crate where the spy from Madison i.e. Murray was hiding. Take Murray against his will and to flatten up his skull, you will need to escape the Hold again using the Pothole.

Outside LeChuck’s cabin, you will find a machine to do the laundry. Use the Laundry machine on Murray and flatten his skull. All you need to do is throw the Flattened skull inside the cauldron to brew the Potion. Next, enjoy a little drama!

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