Return To Monkey Island- How To Get Eyepatch And Use It

Return To Monkey IslandIn Return To Monkey Island, As LeChuck has restricted your entry, you will need a disguise to fool the Quartermaster to get boarded on the ship, and what’s better than the eyepatch of Captain Jon Laney? But how do we get it? In this guide, we have explained all the things you need to perform in order to get the eyepatch.

How To Get Eyepatch And Use It At Return To Monkey Island

Once you visit Wally’s Maps-n-More store, grab both of the monocles from the box i.e. placed on the table. Your next stoppage is the Museum of Pirate Lore. Combine both the monocle to get double monocle in your Inventory. Now, you can use the double monocle on the keyhole in order to get the serial number where the eyepatch of Captain Jon Laney is locked and showcased.

Next, visit Locke Smith and give her the Serial Number. Make sure you have grabbed Crackers from the table which you will need to feed and distract the guard Parrot. When the parrot is distracted, use the key in the keyhole and steal the eyepatch.

Once the eyepatch is in your possession, go to the International House of Mojo on Low Street and give the eyepatch to the Voodoo Lady. After she restores the mojo of the eyepatch, go to the Docks and wear the eyepatch to get in disguise. Now, you can board the Le Ship.

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