Return To Monkey Island- How To Get And Make A Mop To-Do List

Return To Monkey IslandReturn To Monkey Island is a Point and Click adventure game where we relive the tale and legend of the mighty and notorious pirate, Guybrush Threepwood. Deep in the Caribbean at The Island of Melee, the Guybrush is ready to meet his old pals and convince them to sail together back to Monkey Island in order to find The Secret. However, you don’t have a ship and funds to board the ship and the only way mean is to get into LeChuck’s ship.

How To Get And Make A Mop To-Do List In Return To Monkey Island

To get into the expedition, you will require a mop of your own as the Quartermaster directed. Now, the first thing on your To-do List is to get a mop. If you have visited the Scumm Bar, enter the kitchen where you will find the Cook. Talk to him and ask him where to buy or get a mop. After a while, he will be advising you to construct your own mop and a hint on how to complete the Mop Quest.

At the back of the Kitchen do pick up the String. Next visit the Real Voodoo Shop i.e. International House of Mojo on Low Street. There you will find a knife and a forgiveness frog, purchase them. Next, at Governor Carla’s place, there is a book stand or a library where a bunch of books is placed. Some of those can be borrowed, however, Carla is still mad about the incident where Guybrush borrowed a book previously and didn’t return it back. You will need to show how apologetic you are! Give her the Forgiveness Frog as a gesture of apology.

On this book stand, there is a cooking book “Ingredients” by Barbie LeFlay. We need to borrow this particular book to offer the cook in the Scumm Bar. Open the Inventory and give the borrowed cookbook to the Cook. He will get busy soon enough and you will get the opportunity to carve the mop handle with the help of the Knife i.e. in your Inventory.

Next, visit Wally’s store and give him the Sliver of Wood that was carved from the mop handle. He will present you the map of the forest and now you are almost close to constructing your own mop. Enter the Dark Forest and go Right, Middle, Right, Middle, Left, Middle. Open the Inventory and use the knife on the tree to Hack off a branch. Now you have the Mop Handle and a String; combine them both to get a mop.

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