Return To Monkey Island- How To Escape The Hold

Return To Monkey IslandOnce you have obtained an eyepatch in Return To Monkey Island from the Museum and restored its mojo, you are now allowed to fool the Quartermaster and board the ship as a Swabbie. You are now stuck in the Hold, where the First Swab, Gullet is on guard preventing you from escaping it. So, here is the question, how to escape the Hold when Gullet is still on guard?

How To Escape The Hold At Return To Monkey Island

Once you grab the mop and swab up the grease in the Hold; Gullet will litter Grease again and again which is endless. In that instance, instead of clearing the mop, swab the grease from the floor and swab the Pothole. You will need to swab the Pothole three times in order to squeeze through it and escape the Hold.

Once you are outside, Gullet will still be on guard in his designated place on the ship. If he discovers you, he will throw you straight back into the Hold. Make a mess inside because why not? It’s a ship of your archnemesis, and Gullet is annoying.

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